Botanical park of Haute-Bretagne

Visit the Haute-Bretagne Botanical Park on 25 hectares. The thematic gardens feature more than 7,000 botanical species from all continents. Japanese-inspired gardens are particularly developed.
La Folletière - 35133 Le Chatellier
Tel : +33(0)2 99 95 48 32


Gardens of La Ballue

The wonderful gardens of La Ballue are an integral part of the heritage of the 21st century. They are historic monuments, have the labels Remarkable Garden and Quality Tourism. They host a botanical collection of boxwood.
La Ballue - 35560 Bazouges-la-Pérouse
Tel : +33(0)2 99 97 47 86


The Bois Cornillé park

A Belle Epoque park at the heart of the bocage. When the garden becomes landscape, when the landscape becomes garden… Designed between woods and pastures, in the 19th century by internationally renowned landscapers, the Bois Cornillé park is a beautiful setting for its neo-gothic castle. Historical Monument - Label «Remarkable Garden»
Le Bois Cornillé – Rue du château – 35450 Val-d’Izé
Tel : +33(0)6 07 79 11 32

Renaudies' Gardens

This english style floral-park was designed in 1988. The wheel offers an animation thanks to the water noise blooming in front of the laundry. All year long follow camélies, bulbs, rhododendrons, hostas, rose bushes, perennial plants hydrangeas...: more than 3000 varieties of plants, trees or shrubs can be enjoyed. The former farm of 19th century gives an additional originality to locations.
Les Mézerais - 53 120 Colombiers du Plessis
Tél. : + 33 (0)

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