Forest of Fougères

The forest extends over 1500 hectares. The beech represents 3/4 of the massif and allowed, from the Middle Ages, the installation of clog makers' numerous huts. The forest of Fougères also acted as gigantic hiding place in the great moments of the Revolt of the Chouans. So, in the entrance of Landéan, in border of forest, we can discover the cross of Recouvrance which marks the place of the first meeting of the insurgents.

The stones crossed more than 5000 years to testify of the presence of the men.
In the middle of trees appears an exceptional alignment: the Cordon of the Druids which, constituted by 50 menhirs of quartz, stretches on a row of 300 meters.




You can also discover to the bend of a walk the dolmen of Pierre Courcoulée. Formerly, the enormous table based on 10 pillars pushed in the ground.



Finally, follow the forest road of the High Winds: you cannot miss The Treasure Stone. This dolmen hides, as it is said, an inestimable treasure. Object of greed, its search caused the collapse of a part of the supports of the monument.

Major curiosity, meeting in the Storerooms of Landéan. Dating XII, an arched room hides underground, supported by eleven arches. The legend says that both staircases which lead to it would connect storerooms with the castle of Fougères... but up-to-date, this subterranean construction always remains a mystery.




Wood of la Motte

The wood of La Motte is situated on the verge of the municipality of Saint-Brice-en-Coglès. Of a surface of 22ha, the site was bought by the General Council of Ille-et-Vilaine in 1990. The castle and the wood hold their name of the closeness of a feudal clod situated by the river Loisance.


Wood of Rumignon

The wood of Rumignon, situated on the municipality of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier, is a part of the forest of Les Marches de Bretagne. The GR 37 goes along the site and allows the walker to go to the Roche Piquée classified natural monument wirh artistic character since 1911. According to some legends and superstitions, huge toads would keep a fabulous treasure under the rock. Do not miss the Cross of Garenne, calvary situated in the angle of the secondary road 103.


Forest of Villecartier

Near the municipality of Bazouges-la-Pérouse rises the forest of Villecartier. For a long time populated with lumberjacks and with clog makers, it offers the beauty and the peace of a high forest of beeches and oaks today. Thanks to the marked out paths, the lovers of the hike go back up the past of the forest while taking advantage of the magnificent natural frame. At the heart of the massif, the pond of the same name deserves a stopping place. A miniature port was fitted out there. For the most rash, an acrobatic route in trees promises strong feelings.


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