Green areas in Fougères

The public garden : In the high town, from the public garden there is an amazing panorama on the city origins, overhanging the castle and the medieval area around Saint Sulpice church.
Free access !


The Val Nançon

The Val Nançon : This 2 hectares garden is characterized by a succession of atmosphere to discover as you go along the walk. Family garden remind those originally present on the area, and the Oeuvre à la vie (Louis-Marie Catta), contemporary art work, symbol of world cultures and dialogues between people.
Free access from the castle, by the ruelle des Vaux or by the Boulevard Jacques Faucheux (former Boulevard de Rennes).

Rocher Coupé Quarry

Nearby the castel, the former Rocher Coupé Quarry covers about twenty hectares. Partially open to the public, its surroundings allow a pleasant walk, overhanging a huge and clear water body.
Free access !



Forests and woods of Fougères and its surroundings

Fougères surroundings is overflowing with forests and dense woods of beechs and oaks (Fougères forest, Haute-Sève in Saint Aubin du Cormier, Villecartier in Bazouges la Pérouse, Motte wood in Saint Brice en Coglès and Rumigron in Saint Aubin du Cormier). Those forests allow nice walk, and outdoor activities. Free access !



La Tourbière de Parigné

The Tourbière
is made up of 26 hectares of plants and vegetation. Those are characteristics of acid and damp medium favouring a rich and varied fauna (insects, birds, insectes, mulassiers from Poitou...).
35 133 Parigné
Tel : +33 (0)2 99 97 36 54



Healthlands of Jaunouse


The area provided with a huge ecological wealth, allows a mosaic of natural areas made of woods, healthlands, pastures and bogs.
A converted trip allows the discovery of a damp healthland. They are located on the municipalities of Billé, Parcé and Combourtillé.
Free access !




Le Saut Roland


Located in the mucipality of Dompierre du Chemin, le Saut Roland is the first natural area sensitive of the Marches de Bretagne. The landscape is composed with abrupt cliffs culminating at 173m and woods all over the Valley. From East to West the place is crossed by Saint Blaise stream. All those elements will stimulate the wandering spirit of the walkers or climbers.
Free access !





Water garden

The water garden is located in center of Saint-Germain-en-Coglès, at the meeting point of two streams: la Vollerie and Haute-Bressaye. You can go there and do a playful stroll with your family. In this park you will find the history of the Picaou and la Lavandière. This place is also rich in biodiversity.
Play park and picnic tables available, place open all the year.
Free entrance !


Interpretation path "De la Toile à l'Agri-culture" in Saint Georges de Reintembault

You will be amazed by the preserved wooden landscape, mark out by wonderful hedges on slopes, sunken path and woods. This rural landscape is spread by granitic areas.
The start is at the mill Colas, ajoncs d'or room. Length: from 6 to 10km. Duration: 3h.
Signage: yellow lines. 70% of the trip is made of dirt or stone paths.

The Green Ways

Green Ways are cycling and pedestrian roadway, well laid and safe. From the Jardin de Fêtes de Fougères, two routes are possible: to Antrain and to Louvigné-du-Désert.

The Valley of the Wood Ainaux in Monthault

The path "Secrets of valley" will plunge you into the history of the Valley of the Wood Ainaux.
Accessible site to people with reduced mobility.


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