1200 free animals in a multi-hundred-year-old botanical park and 3000 m2 of nets in trees to have fun in family. Do not miss the show of birds, the pond of aquavision of the seals, the giraffes of the African plain and rhinoceros of the Indian valley.

Address and phone number

Parc animalier et botanique - Parcabout® - École Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme
Tel. +33(0)2 97 42 94 66

Practical information

A site dedicated to the respect of the nature very far from the traditional zoological concept.

Branféré is an original concept which gathers in the same place a wildlife and botanical park, a leisure park (the parcabout®) and the educational center to the environment (the Nicolas Hulot school).

Visiting Branféré (1st touristic site of Morbihan with 280 000 visitors per year and 3rd site in Bretagne), it's:

- Have fun in Parcabout® in family: 3000 m2 of nets in trees and an irresistible urge to have fun, relax and evolve quite freely between 2 and 8 meters high.
- Escape in the wildlife and botanical park: a journey in the heart of a multi-hundred-year-old botanical park on the meeting of 1200 animals native of 5 continents (rhinoceros, giraffes, zebras, oryxes, red pandas, gibbons, seals, hippopotamuses pygmies, wolves with mane, otters of Asia, pink flamingos)
- Be amazed in front of the show of birds: storks, pelicans, eagles, vultures, hawks, parrots and multicolored parakeets fly a few centimeters away from the public.
- Learn with the Nicolas Hulot school: educational activities in the park to understand better and respect the nature: feeding, presentation of endangered species …

Ideally, it takes about half a day to visit Branféré and it is advised to arrive early in the morning to take advantage of the peace of mind of places and of the closeness of animals.

Concerning catering, various quality formulae, adapted to all the budgets, are proposed inside the park: the cafeteria near the entrance, the creperie in front of giraffes of the African plain, the snack-bar in the shade of the multi-hundred-year-old plane tree and the restaurant for groups.

Branféré, a place of delight, discovery and games for an unforgettable day in the middle of nowhere.



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