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Fougères and its surroundings is full of paths and walks.

Fougères and its surroundings:
A guidebook of hikes in Fougères and the surroundings is on sale at the Tourist Office of Fougères (2€).
Download below all the circuits :
BEAUCE : Hiking route of Niche Coucou
BILLE : Hiking route of les Landes de Jaunouse
LA CHAPELLE-JANSON : Hiking route of Relais des Vallées
DOMPIERRE-DU-CHEMIN : Hiking route of les Deux Châteaux / Hiking route of the Saut-Roland
FLEURIGNE : Hiking route of Bois Mary
FOUGERES : Hiking route of la Garenne / Hiking route of la Penthière
LAIGNELET : Hiking route of Louedron and Vigne Fontaine
LANDEAN : Hiking route of Longue-Noé and Pierre enfouie / Panoramic hiking route / Hiking route of la Pierre Courcoulée / Hiking route of les Vieux Châteaux / Hiking route of la Voie Romaine
LE LOROUX : Hiking route of la Bertrie
LUITRE : Hiking route of les Rochers
PARIGNE : Hiking route of la Tourbière de Landemarais
PARCE : Hiking route of le Bois Pendant / Hiking route of les Landes / Hiking Route Parcé, par ci, par là
ROMAGNE : Hiking route of l'Archapt / Hiking route of Bonnefontaine and Ste Anne / Hiking route of la Haute-Morière
SAINT-SAUVEUR DES LANDES : Hiking route of la Minette / Hiking route of les Noés / Hiking route of les Saudres

The Forest of Fougères:
Several pedestrian circuits:

- Circuit of the Old Castles 5.4kms

- Circuit of Longue Noë 6.3kms

- Circuit of Pierre Enfouie 5.5kms

- Circuit of Pierre Courcoulée 4.7kms

Moutain bike trails and several equestrian paths are also accessible.

A card of the forest of Fougères is on sale at the Tourist Office of Fougères (3,05€).

Antrain and its surroundings:
A card of the forest of Villecartier (3,05 €) is on sale and a guidebook of the paths of Antrain and its surroundings is distributed for free at the Tourist Office of Fougères. Find here the kibe ride "La Boucle des Grands Chênes".

The Country of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier:
Find paths of St-Aubin-du-Cormier and its surroundings in the guidebook on sale at the Tourist Office of Fougères (2€). You can also download the circuits here.

The Country of Coglais:
Find in the guidebook of the Coglais (3€) on sale at the Tourist Office of Fougères. Find here another bike ride : "La Boucle des Picaous".

Louvigné Communauté:
Ten index cards of hikes for Louvigné-du-Désert and the surroundings are for free download here. You can also download the bike ride "La Balade du Meunier".

The Country of Fougères is also rich in natural spaces... Discover for exemple the Quarry of the Rocher Coupé, The Peat bog of Parigné, Landes of Jaunouse or The Saut-Roland...


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