In the heart of Parcé, the Maison du Patrimoine Oral en Haute-Bretagne opens its doors to you.


2 ter rue de la Bascule - 35210 PARCE
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Practical informations

La Granjagoul is a space open to all, which allows you to discover the oral popular cultures of the region and elsewhere. Numerous activities are offered for families, children, the elderly, groups, schools, leisure centres, etc. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, storytelling shows, evenings, training courses, workshops, games… Everyone can make wonderful discoveries! La Granjagoul is in line with the objectives of the UNESCO International Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The site belongs to Fougères Agglomeration and the association La Granjagoul is developing numerous actions thanks to Fougères Agglomeration, the Regional Council of Brittany and the Departmental Council of Ille-et-Vilaine. La Granjagoul is committed to working with local, departmental and regional associations and authorities. The oral heritage contributes to the development of the territory. The Granjagoul with its activities in Parcé and in Haute-Bretagne offers shows often free or at a moderate price and is aimed at the youngest as well as the oldest.


Every year:
- Monthly programme with concerts, storytelling, family shows...
- Activities for children in primary schools and leisure centres
- Activities with local partners: local authorities, associations, cultural and heritage sites, media libraries, conservatories, and music schools...
- Summer programming in the summer and a special time on the Gallo language in the spring
- Hosting of groups and the possibility of hosting private gatherings
- Participation in festivals such as Le Grand Soufflet, Prix Froger-Ferron, Mil Goul, La Bogue d'Or...



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