1, Enclos Paroissial - 35420 Mellé
Tel : +33(2).

Practical information

The village of Mellé, labellised "Commune du Patrimoine Rural de Bretagne", is committed to the preservation of the environment, the enhancement of heritage and sustainable tourism. Melléco invites you to discover this unique and sustainable heritage through guided educational walks, workshops and an original exhibition on the village.

In Mellé, take the time to take a long break and give meaning to your steps.

To discover:

- Melléco, scenography, information on heritage and sustainable tourism, exhibitions, and films about the village.

- The "Pierres et Nature" circuit, a trail for interpreting the built and natural heritage.

- The circuit "Bourg-jardin", a short path that combines natural flowering, heritage buildings and art in the garden.

- The three caches of Géocaching in and around the village, puzzles and beautiful landscapes to discover.



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