1, Enclos Paroissial - 35420 Mellé
Tel : +33(2).

Practical information

Melléco is a information centre focused on heritage and tourism. Its i-mobile spot allows tourists to find out about all the visits and activities in the surrounding area. It is also a place to raise awareness about the environment, heritage enhancement and sustainable tourism.

In Mellé, a village certified as a "Commune du Patrimoine Rural de Bretagne" ( Regional Heritage Village of Brittany), take the time for a lasting break and give meaning to your steps.

To discover:

- Melléco, scenography, information on heritage and sustainable tourism, exhibitions, and films about the village.

- The "Pierres et Nature" circuit, a trail for interpreting the built and natural heritage.

- The circuit "Bourg-jardin", a short path that combines natural flowering, heritage buildings and art in the garden.

- The three caches of Géocaching in and around the village, puzzles and beautiful landscapes to discover.



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