The Medieval Castle of Fougères

Fougères' castle is a major component of the historical heritage of Brittany. It was built in the year 1000 AD to protect the Marches of Brittany from French and Normands incursions.
Place Pierre Symon - 35300 Fougères
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The Victor Hugo Theatre

The Victor Hugo Theatre first opened its doors in 1886.  In 2001, after an important restoration the theatre reopened its doors looking as beautiful as in 1886 with its decors from the end of the 19th century and a new contemporary programming.





The Belfry

Fougères' belfry was the first one built in Brittany, in 1397. It was classified as a historic monument in 1922. Nowadays only two belfries remain in Brittany, one in Dinan and one in Fougères. The latter is the oldest one of the region.


Saint Leonard's church

Saint Leonard's church, saint patron of prisoners, was built for the inhabitants of the Bourg Neuf district during the 12th century. Its 19th century neogothic facade possesses a rosette which was inspired by the Saint Chapel's one.




The medieval town

To relive the great times of the medieval town, wander around the place du Marchix, surrounded by beautiful houses with timber framings, the square used to shelter very busy markets.



The Saint Sulpice Church

The Saint sulpice church was built during the middle of the 11th century, south of the castle. Thanks to the church the inhabitants of the new city had a place of worship independent from the Sainte-Marie du château chapel.


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The Urbanistes Convent

The Former Urbanistes Convent, that is now home to the art school, the music school and some exhibitions, is a must see.
The construction of this classic monument was strongly influenced by the booming of Louis XIII castles in the region.


Trompe l'oeil murals

The arts have made their way in the urban landscape of Fougères. For example trompe l'oeil murals will catch your eye Rue des Prés and rue de Verdun. But the one Rue du Tribunal, which is a striking mirror of the city, is especially interesting to decode.



Bonabry's church

Notre-Dame of Bonabry is the most recent church in the city. The construction of this church was due to the industrial development of the city and its population boom.



The Morel and Gaté Company

The emblem of this company, which was the biggest shoe factory of the city, is the rooster in reference of the national emblem. You can see its beautiful facade in Rue de Récollets. The buildings are decorated with impressive mosaics by the Italian Odorico.


The little train

The little train
A pleasant and friendly way to visit Fougères, a city with many facets.
2 Place Raoul II, 35305 Fougères
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Rocher Portail's castle

Château le Rocher Portail reveals its mysteries and secrets.
You will go through 400 years of history, in the midst of its original furniture, its royal tapestries, its cabinet of curiosities, its objects and treasures coming from the castle of Versailles, You will relive in an unprecedented sound atmosphere, the life of the nobles and their servants, through the huge corridors that lead to the secret chambers. Unique in Brittany.
35460 Maen Roch
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La Rouërie's castle

At the crossroads between Brittany and Normandy, stands the Château de la Rouërie. Built in the 17th century and remodeled in the 18th century by the Tuffin family of Rouërie.
La Rouërie - 35460 Val-Couesnon
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Saint Aubin du Cormier

At 20km from Fougères, the ruins of Saint Aubin du Cormier's donjon is a remainder of the time when it protected Brittany from French and Normand incursions.
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Bazouges la Pérouse, Little Town of Character

At the beginning of the 16th century, there were more than 5000 inhabitants in Bazouges la Pérouse who were mainly working as farmers and storekeepers. The city retains numerous houses from this period. The majestic "Manoir du Colombier" on the City Hall square was probably home to the former Lords of the city. Walking towards the place du Monument you will find the "Maison des Pendus" with its curious grimacing masks. These last years the city has known a real "renaissance". The city has launched an artistic experiment that aims to promote the contemporary art in rural areas.




La Granjagoul

La Granjagoul
, situated in the centre of Parcé, the house of the oral heritage in upper Brittany will welcome you. It is great place to learn about the regional culture thanks to its exhibitions and pedagogical workshops.
1 rue de la Bascule - 35 210 Parcé
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This space, free entrance, offers you a scenography with panels, sound accounts, educational terminals allowing you to discover the approach of the commune of Mellé in the matter of sustainable development.
1, Enclos Paroissial - 35420 Mellé
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