The Contemporary Art Center of Pontmain offers a diversified program all year long.


Adress : 8 bis rue de la Grange - 53220 PONTMAIN
Phone number : +33(0)
E-mail :

Practical information

Since its creation in 1999, the Contemporary Art Center of Pontmain has been setting up a diversified program, based on personal or collective exhibitions, works created for the place or from private and public collections.

The program is structured around three exhibitions per year according to the rhythm of the seasons:

>  The exhibition of his artists' residences in the spring.
>  One individual exposure each summer.
>  A collective and thematic exhibition in the fall.

Missions :

> Dissemination: programming of personal or group exhibitions and publishing of publications.
> Support for creation: welcoming artists in residence every spring (6 weeks) and awarding a creative grant.
> Awareness of contemporary art: media activities developed around exhibitions (guided tours free of charge and accessible to all, educational visits for children...)
> Plastic arts awareness: adult art classes, child and parent-child art courses.



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