Created in 1999, the center of art welcomes three exhibitions a year. In the spring, the exhibition of artists welcomed in residence, the summer, the personal exhibition of a recognized artist and the autumn, most of the time a collective and thematic exhibition.

Address and phone number

8 bis rue de la Grange - 53220 PONTMAIN
Tel. : +33(0)

Practical information

The Contemporary Arts Center of Pontmain welcomes every year three exhibitions: in spring, exhibition of two artists welcomed in residence during winter; the summer, an exhibition monoschedules of a recognized artist; and the autumn most of the time a collective or individual exhibition.

Worried of favoring the access to the contemporary art, a mediator is held at the disposal of every visitor to have a dialogue around the works (visits for groups are also proposed on reservation).

The center of art it is also conferences, meetings with the artists, the studios of artistic practice (for adults, parents-children), punctual demonstrations...

Programming 2018 :

"Olivier Garraud and Elsa Tomkowiak" in April 22nd-June 3rd, 2018

Through a work of drawings and sculptures, playing with the visual contrasts (black/white), and audacious slogans, Olivier Garraud diverts the symbols of our modern world in a dynamics of resistance. Elsa Tomkowiak maintains with the color a passionate report. She reinvents the color in installations, sculptures … in defiance of all the dogmae and in defiance of all the treaties which we saw fit to establish in the course of ages.

"Jérémy Gobé" in June 30th-September 2nd, 2018

Organic, harmonious and accurate at the same time, Jérémy Gobé's sculptures make the material be reborn. His creations are born according to the meetings which he makes, in the course of which he gets a history to tell it otherwise or holds a material (wool, plaster, coral …) to make it live again in a poetic way. Through a mainly textile work, he treats, sculpture, sublimates the fabric to restore him a certain nobility.

"Laurent Millet" in October 7th - November 18th 2018

Photographer and plastics technician, Laurent Millet composes the chapters of an imaginary encyclopedia, populated with objects which he builds then photographs. He explores techniques (the ambrotype, the cyanotype, the camera, the digital technology) in the service of the poetry. " The drawing, the landscape, the movement, the architecture and the body structure its work. He highlights a humble and delicate practice where the fragility, the sincerity and the fervour of the childhood are refreshed for the benefit of a reflection where poetry, philosophy and image interact. " Julie Crenn



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