Rue du Tribunal, every detail of the wall is borrowed from the architectural landscape and from the heritage of Fougères: windows, retorts of those of the square Jean Guéhenno, facades, house with hall of the National street - the museum of Villéon - the mouldings of the fountain "copied" to the window of the city hall until the landscape at the top of the fresco, the reproduction of a picture of Emmanuel de la Villéon.





A breath of fresh air Rue des Prés: a window opened on the forest, signed by an artist fougeraise Nathalie Combe.





A door without particular destination, Rue de Verdun. As well as 23 frescoes which decorate the urban cupboards of the city.




In the back of the cinema The Club, the square of the Republic, we can admire the monumlentale fresco, 169m ², of Nathalie Combe. An allusion to the station which was in this location there is still a few years and in the industrial vestiges of Fougères.


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