Established in 12th century, reconstructed in 15th and 16th, the church was disorientated and enlarged in the 19th and endowed with a gate and with a rosette of six meters diameter of style Flamboyant Gothic. Outside, admire the north facade with balusters and curious gurgle. The south chapel shelters the oldest stained-glass window (12th century) of Brittany and which results from the abbey of Saint-Denis near Paris and the Assumption Achille Dévéria's picture of 1835. The north chapel keeps Eugène Dévéria's picture (19th century). The brother Dévéria was friends of Victor Hugo.


During the high season, the visitors have access to the bell tower of the church where from they discover an incredible panorama on Fougères, its monuments and the surrounding countryside.






The mortuary chapel of the church shelters the oldest stained-glass window kept in Brittany: the medallion of Saint Benoît. Offered by a parishioner after the Revolution, he comes from the abbey Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) and illustrates the history of Saint Benoît. To the left of the stained-glass window, he returns to the monastery where the abbot gives him his monk's dress; to the right, a priest visits him.




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