Discovery trail in Dompierre-du-Chemin


Just off the road to Laval, a kilometre or so from Dompierre du Chemin, Roland, prefect of the Marches of Brittany in the days of Charlemagne, is said to have jumped his horse over the one hundred metre gap separating the two rocks. According to the legend, he repeated the feat. The first time, he pledged to do it for God and his steed leapt the gap. The second time was for the Virgin Mary, and the steed jumped back onto the other side. The third jump was dedicated to his ladylove. Both horse and rider crashed to the foot of the precipice and perished.

The trace of a horseshoe remains engraved in the rock to back up the legend. If only half a horseshoe is visible, that is because it is precisely where the horse lost its footing and fell.

Nearby, in the same outcrop of rocks, you will find the “dripping stone”, so called because drops of water flow from this rock and fall into a deeply eroded rock pool below. These drops are, of course, the tears of Roland’s ladylove, who will weep for her lover until the end of time.

On the same site, a stone hides the entrance to a subterranean palace, in which immense treasures are concealed. This stone can only be moved on St John’s Day, and with the help of a hazel twig. Once the stone has been removed, you can see the treasure from the outside, but a dragon stops people coming in.


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