The town and castle, founded in 1223, by Pierre de Dreux, duke of Brittany, occupy a granite hilltop dominating the Couesnon valley. In the 14th century, the town, protected by walls and ditches, was thought to be impregnable. Nevertheless in 1487 it was taken by the French king’s army. François ll, duke of Brittany raised an army of 11,000 men to win back this stronghold on the Breton border. On 28th July 1488 the famous battle of La Rencontre took place. The royal army, led by La Trémoïlle, defeated and massacred the Breton army. That evening, 6000 corpses lay on the battleground.This battle heralded the end of Breton independence. The marriage of Anne of Brittany to King Charles Vll of France laid the foundations for the union of France and Brittany. The fortress was razed, except for the keep.



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