Louvigné-du-Désert, land of granite
Lengendary stones, castles, lordly houses or simple houses, the granite is everywhere in Country of Fougères and particularly on Louvigné-du-Désert and Coglais, main sites of extraction and conversion facilities of this blue or red granite. In Louvigné, 2 multimedia strolls of 8 and 14 km with audio comments, images and videos plunge the visitor at the heart of the industry of the granite of the territory. Beforehand, the visitor will have to download the mobile application "Terre de granit" to reach the contents. Digital tablet at disposal in the Townhall.

Infomation in the Townhall of Louvigné-du-Désert at +33(0)2 99 98 01 50 – www.louvignedudesert.org



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